G’day, we’re Innovators in the world of web 3 & Linux.

Earth-first Technical Professionals

G’day – we’re ICT veterans on a mission to deliver innovative Technical Services across our Online Businesses to Australian SMB & Enterprise Clients. Taking a best-practices driven approach, we’re considerate, thorough and adaptable. Green, growing & grateful.

Why not weaponise your business?

Whether you’re in need of a bespoke and capable set of Digital Solutions across multiple PoPs, or would like to discuss optimising and automating your internal business processes, our specialists are here for your benefit!

If you’re not sure which way to turn, you’ve likely found the right place to get answers. Please give us a ring, email our crew or post something off!

Truly passionate 24/7 Operations.

TNC was founded to change the way businesses evaluate and decide upon Technical and Digital Services that they come to depend on.

We believe the norms are overdue for a shake-up and we’re here to keep on setting our waves into motion.
Partnering only with passionate industry leaders, we’re capable, considered & creative. Let’s chat.

This is where you get to know TNC & Co.

Focus areas

Private Cloud, Bespoke Hosting, Connectivity, Automation & Solutions.

Careers @ TNC

We will have roles going live for an intake during FY25 as our plans pick up more pace.

Founded to deliver

Our plight began in 2010, Company opened in 2016. Refined again back in 2020.

What we live for

To make customers happy, & have fun while we do so. Eco-focused Experts!

Finding a Company who can take ambitious ideas and define then implement the resulting technical solutions isn’t easy. It should be, though we sure didn’t find it to be the case. Our crew are empowered to go above and beyond, always working to uncover the hidden facts and facets before working to deliver on requirements. They excel at delivering for our clients, always remaining honest, realistic & ambitious – even if that means saying no or changing perspective.

We’re selective with our larger clients (as we believe synergies underpin success) and are always 100% transparent. Proper business!

A rough view of our gameplan for now & on.

We’re not going to give you the Top Secret play-book, that’d be silly, though we’d love to give you an idea of what we’re working on internally. If you’re interested or could see your services as tying into ours, please reach out to our crew – they’ll work out if the synergies are there, then we’ll be talking!

Service Excellence

Over-delivering runs in all of our blood & we’re all for ways to enhance that passion. It’s vital that we’re always across all angles.

Technical Consultancy

We don’t really like saying “no”, rather we always work to deliver outcomes. Bespoke solutions for clients who demand the best.

Bespoke Partnerships

Whether it’s TNC-with-Client through to TNC-with-XYZ, we’re big on partnering with like-minded businesses in A/NZ.

DevOps & so much more

Help us to shed weight (it’s the lockdowns) and otherwise bake-in smarter Dev/Ops practices to keep our innovation going.

TNC Brand add-ons

We do NOT want fries with that, mate – we’re talking about genuinely beneficial bolt-ons that our customers would love.

AI/ML Sales Discovery

No auto-dialling robo-spam garbage, instead we’re open to expanding our unique sales approach even further.

There’s more to the story. 🇦🇺

With over a decade living and breathing this industry, we’ve been around the block a few times! We cut through the bullshit, stay true to our core values, and always work to deliver outstanding service while having a great time as we surpass expectations. 100% Australian family owned & run.

TNC’s here to continue the evolution of technology so that it empowers your businesses in every way it can be.

Doing more with less, focusing on what counts.

Build & Captain Your Ship with “The Network Crew”.

Bold ideas are just thoughts if you don’t grab them and give them a chance to come to life – whether you want a casual chat or to get an NDA established so we can get into the nitty-gritty, our crew are well-equipped to handle whatever you’d regard as “pretty bloody unusual, mate”.

TNC exists in a special nook – where impossible is seldom true, and opportunity is unlocked.

Join our trailblazers as we carve out more niches and better many futures.

We’re a carbon-negative Proprietary Limited company registered in NSW, Australia. Everything we do, we off-set then purchase additional credits to ensure we’re always giving back to the environment that does so much for every one of us, each and every day.

We’re proudly 100% Australian family-owned. Carbon-negative.

Have your people speak with our people. Let’s march towards greatness together!