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We’re about solving business problems with clever & considerate solutions.


In the realm of technology, where the only constant is change, The Network Crew was born out of a desire to foster innovation and navigate toward digital success. Established by like-minded, passionate individuals driven by technology and the possibilities it offered, we embarked on a journey that has made us leaders in the Australian technical, infrastructure, consulting, and development industry. Our commitment, hard work, and strategic approach have enabled us to create a remarkable impact on businesses of various sectors and sizes, earning us the reputation of trusted partners in their journeys.


At The Network Crew, our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions that propel them towards sustainable growth and success. We envision a future where technology elevates every aspect of a business – from operational efficiency to customer experience, and our goal is to be at the forefront of this transformation. We aim to forge long-lasting relationships with our clients by continually adapting and growing with their ever-evolving needs, partnering with them in creating exceptional software applications, tailored automations, and seamless integrations that redefine industry standards.

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Taking you to our leaders.

Director & CTO

Luke Thompson

Passionate for all things tech and with a keen eye for innovation he’s curious, passionate and driven.

DEV, OPS & Support

Australian Specialist Crew

Delivering exceptional results takes the right people on both sides. Our crew are for-clients.

GM & Chief Strategist

Emily Ruggero

Wise and progressive, she’s on hand to guide, innovate, and refine our offerings & your end projects.

Passionate Australians helping good people everywhere.