Technical Consultancy


Partner with professionals who dig deep and understand.

Engage help and know you can rely on the response.

Rest assured that when you partner with us, you’re choosing a committed team that’s standing by to offer support, advice, and the solutions you need, twice the dedication and responsiveness you expect. Anytime.


PHP & Server-side DevOps


Hyperscale, Linux-powered

Project Scope

Consult, Maintain or E2E

Anytime advice

Passionately raw & curated

Boost team productivity and unlock new heights of collaboration with our bespoke automation, integration, and consulting services. TNC is here to nurture potential and promote growth from your organisation, while empowering you with a flexible consultancy engagement that suits.

Slow-burn and quick-fire 24/7.

We cater to your business’s varying pace, delivering results against your long-term strategies and short-term objectives to keep your operation consistently thriving 24/7 without having to worry about the nuts and bolts – or being across the details.

Major projects catered to, and urgent enquiries handled so.

Build the projects, make people happy & keep on smiling.

Our passion lies in creating, advising on and/or delivering exceptional projects that not only drive results but also bring joy to your team and clients. It’s important to have a good time while we’re on this planet.

At The Network Crew, we’re smiling with you in your successes. We take a no-bullshit approach to everything, and hope you embrace our style.

Consulting, with or without infra/dev-as-a-service. easy.

Flexible and accommodating, we provide expert consulting services tailored to your needs, with or without infrastructure and development-as-a-service. Choose the level of assistance that suits your business and enjoy a hassle-free experience. If you’re not the right fit for us, or vice versa, we like to call it how it is. Good business is forged from brutally honest relationships, ie. trust.